Forklift Training

8 Hours (8:30am – 4:30pm)Two men in on a forklift consulting a clipboard

Program Objectives: The purpose of this training is to provide employees with Forklift Truck operator safety training prescribed by legislation so they may obtain the ability to operate equipment in a safe, competent manner and work safely in their work environment and around other employees.

At the end of the training session, all participants who pass the training will receive a Class 1, 4, 5 Forklift certification (and wallet card) which is valid for 3 years to the date of issuance.

Course Content:
This training will help you:

  • Understanding of the theory and principles involved in the safe operation of a forklift truck;
  • Know your legal responsibilities in forklift truck operation;
  • To recognize hazards associated with forklift truck operation and to recommend or suggest solutions; and
  • To verify practical knowledge of course content & Skills Evaluation

This training program will certify participants in lifting classes 1, 4, and 5.

The program allows participants the opportunity to learn about topics such as:

  • Industrial Truck Association (ITA) Classes
  • Components of forklifts
  • Understanding load capacity
  • Principles of forklift stability
  • Safe operation of forklifts
  • Refueling procedures (battery, propane, gas, diesel)
  • Provincial and Federal legislation
  • CSA Guidelines
  • Pre-operational inspections
  • Practical training (hands-on forklift operation)

Who would benefit: Our forklift training program has been designed for those with an occupational requirement to be trained in and understand the safe operation of a forklift.

Regulations and Guidelines: The program is designed to protect the health and safety of workers in the workplace and developed in accordance with the requirements of the OH&S and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

All practical training at the Mentor Safety Training Centre will be completed using an electric (Class 1) sit-down, counterbalanced forklift. Although participants will learn about the steps involved in a propane tank exchange, a practical verification of knowledge will not be possible. Therefore, we highly recommend that site-specific training be offered on propane tank exchange for any participants who will be required to operate a propane-powered forklift.

Note: All participants must wear CSA-approved safety shoes/boots and must provide a valid photo ID.

Course Fees: $200.00 + HST

Upcoming Courses:

Mentor Safety uses qualified trainers with industry experience and the safe practical use of forklift equipment.

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