Online Training

Mentor Safety now offers two types of online training!

E-Learning and Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Programs

Virtual learning (a.k.a Distance learning) is an educational situation in which the instructor and learners are separated by location. The instructor is leading the training in real-time and moves through the learning outcomes together with the learner virtually. The students will be shipped an OHSA Green Book, a USB with resources and program materials. All virtual learning requires the same minimum hours of training as face-to-face learning and includes plans for classroom interaction.

Virtual Learning – Joint Health and Safety Part 1

Virtual Learning – Joint Health and Safety Part 2

Virtual Learning – Joint Health and Safety Refresher

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E-Learning Programs

E-Learning is the method of learning online without an instructor leading you through the material. Participants are able to begin the training at a time that suits them and they are able to pause and resume the program as needed. Participants will move through the material at their own pace and will be expected to answer questions throughout the program to ensure the learning objectives are being understood.

E-Learning – WHMIS/GHS

E-Learning – Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) – COMING SOON

E-Learning – COVID Workplace Awareness – COMING SOON