4 Hours

Course Content: This program will provide you with the information that is used to implement the Transportation of Dangerous Goods System. It takes a mix of prevention, planning, preparation, training and communication to create and sustain a TDG system.

Program Objectives:

The program will help you to better understand:

  • The transportation of TDG regulations
  • Reporting procedures for spills or leaks
  • Your responsibility as a shipper, handler or transport driver

The program will show you how to:

  • Mark and label a small containment
  • Prepare a shipping document
  • Select a Placecard for a large means of containment

Who Would Benefit: Our workplace integrated TDG program has been designed for those with an occupational requirement to be trained to safely undertake the implementation of TDG in their workplace.  

Regulations and Guidelines: The program is designed to protect the health and safety of workers on the job site, developed in accordance with the requirements of the OH&S and COHS regulations. 


Mentor Safety uses qualified trainers with industry experience and the safe practical use of TDG. We can come to your location or you can come to our new industrial safety training centere.

Course Fees - $ 95.00 + $2.50 processing fee + HST

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