Competent Equipment Inspection

Every piece of fall protection equipment should be inspected by a competent person at least once a year.

Regular inspections of fall protection equipment are critical in reducing the risk of workplace injury. The Mentor Safety Fall Protection PPE Inspection Program is established to provide equipment inspection by a competent person which will help ensure only the safest equipment is being used to protect the worker.

Types of inspections include:


  • Class A – Standard Fall Arrest
  • Class D – Suspension and Controlled Descent
  • Class E – Limited Access/Extraction
  • Class L – Ladder Climbing
  • Class P – Work Positioning
  • Class R – Arc Resistant


  • Types of Lanyards
    • Regular
    • Wrap-around (Tie-back)
    • Double Legged (Y-shape)
    • Shock Absorbing
  • CSA Classifications of Lanyard
    • Class A (Rope)
    • Class B (Web)
    • Class C (Wire Rope)
    • Class D (Work Positioning)
    • Class E (Chain Positioning)
    • Class F (Adjustable Positioning)
    • Class Y (Double-legged/Y-shaped)

Fall Arresters/Rope Grabs

  • Types of Fall Arrester
    • Auto-locking
    • Manual locking
  • Lifeline Material (Horizontal and Vertical Lifelines)
    • Synthetic Rope
    • Wire Rope
    • Cable Systems
    • Rail Systems

Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs)

*Only inspecting SRLs with non-removable casings; will not inspect internal components

  • CSA Classification of SRL:
    • SRL
    • SRL-R
    • SRL-LE
    • SEL-LE-R

Pole Climbing Equipment (PCE)

  • Class A (dry, wet, conduit-covered poles)
  • Class AB (dry, wet, icy, conduit-covered poles)

Equipment Inspection Drop Off Program (London Only) – $50 +HST*

Simple 3 Step Process

Every weekend we do an equipment inspection. Drop off equipment before 4 pm any Friday and pick up Monday after 8 am. (except holidays)

Step 1

Drop off your equipment at our office before any Friday @ 4pm and receive your unique Inspection Code.

Step 2

Leave your equipment with us for the weekend or 2-3 day period. You will be given a pick-up date.

Step 3

On your pick-up date, bring your unique Inspection Code to us, make your payment and pick up your equipment.

*Costs cover inspection of; 1 Harness and 1 Lanyard or, 1 Set of Pole Climbing Equipment. Additional equipment may have additional costs.

Large Volume Inspections

We can come to a client’s site or we can bring all the equipment to our site to do equipment inspections for a large volume of equipment. Travel charges may be extra if going to a client site. Contact us for pricing.