About Us

Jamie Wright, CRSP, CHSC, CMSE | Director and Senior Consultant

Jamie is the founder of Mentor Safety Consultants and has successfully built an esteemed and well-respected company on his experience in the safety world and his own personal passion for safety in the workplace. His 30+ years at GM/Cami has set him up with a keen perspective for what safety really means and how solutions are implemented in the real world. His ambition and strong character have empowered his success. He believes that every client should be treated respectfully and enjoy the experience of working with Mentor Safety Consultants.

*Active voting member of the CSA B335 Industrial Lift Trucks Technical Committee

Kevin Bennett | Trainer and Senior ConsultantKevin Bennett | Trainer and Senior Consultant

Kevin takes a strategic look at how Health and Safety in the workplace can be effectively implemented and managed. He is a big-picture thinker and challenges his students to consider the small missteps that cause most major safety incidents. He specializes in Incident Safety Management strategies and develops sound operational plans to pre-plan for work hazards while building awareness for safety. Kevin is also currently a Captain with his local Fire Department, he is fluent in all government regulations and, has trained teams from multiple industries on applicable topics.

*Contracted from Bennett Safety Systems & Solutions

Jessica Wright - Administration ManagerJessica Wright | Administration Manager

Mentor Safety Consultants is able to provide our clients with high-quality customer service with our dedicated Administration Manager, Jessica. During our office hours, our clients are always able to reach us and access any of their secured training records or consulting reports. This provides our clients with the assurance that in an emergency situation, we will be there for them.

Jamie Smith | Trainer and Senior Consultant

With 20 years of Occupational Health and Safety experience within General Motors, Jamie is specialized in safety gap analyses, hazard and risk assessments, safety policy development and technical interpretation of safety standards. He enjoys spending time in our classrooms with a straightforward style that makes the material interesting but also ingrains it into the thoughts and habits of his students. He represents a high standard of Health and Safety and considers the wellbeing of those working in potentially hazardous positions the most important thing.

*Contracted from Niagara Safety Training and Consulting Inc.

Mike Wright, BA | Business Manager

Mike manages the operations and strategic development at Mentor Safety Consultants. His business-centric perspective has shaped the trajectory for Mentor Safety and the trainers and consultants have rallied around the vision he has helped define. His experience and education have inspired growth in the company, firmly established them in the market and put Mentor Safety on the leading edge for safety program development and certification.

Rob Van Elslander | Trainer and Junior ConsultantRob Van Elslander | Trainer and Junior Consultant

Rob Van Elslander brings a variety of teaching experiences to Mentor Safety that allows him to connect with participants effortlessly. This ensures that participants are engaged, which promotes an effective learning environment. In the past, Rob has done training for organizations such as the Workers Health and Safety Center as well as the Red Cross and, the London Training Center. These experiences have provided him with lots of different perspectives which he is able to share in his classroom. Outside of training, Rob spends his time volunteering with various Jr. B and Jr. C Hockey Associations as a Trainer for youth athletes.

Andrew Parr | TrainerAndrew Parr | Trainer

His 25 years at a locomotive manufacturing facility has given Andrew the ability to become a hands-on, tactical safety instructor. His interest in creating safe workplaces began early in his career as a tool and die maker when he saw first hand how sound safety practices can save lives. He honed his skills over many years as a safety trainer specializing in working at heights, elevated work platforms, confined spaces, fork truck and crane operation, lock-out/tag-out and WHIMS. When he is not helping Mentor Safety clients learn how to work safely he can be found building and repairing stringed musical instruments.

Carola Mittag | Senior Consultant and Editor

Carola is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry and Sheridan College, Researched Writing. Many years working with chemical, biological and toxic hazards triggered concern for the health and safety of coworkers in her profession. Founding her own health and safety firm in Niagara and working with various industries over the last 20 years have provided insight into health and safety trends and industry-specific needs. Her knowledge and experience come from studying the workforce and always looking for innovative ways to bring ideas forward. Carola will enhance the safety experience for Mentor Safety Consultants’ clients with timely and insightful articles, editorials and legislative updates.


Brenna Pulford | Instructor

Brenna is a versatile team-player that has gained valuable construction experience from several different rolls. As a Fanshawe College graduate, Brenna brings both practical and academic points of view on safety issues which ensures effective and practical recommendations are given. Her time on construction sites was often spent working with and erecting scaffolding, forms, framework, hoists and, chutes so she can speak on experience and not just theoretically. Overall, clients will find Brenna has a talent for warmth and an adept ability to speak in relatable terms instead of pure logic and jargon. This makes her a fantastic instructor, particularity in our virtual classroom as she’s able to connect with participants just as if they were in person.